Introduction: Khaled Aboelwafa

Assalamu Alikum, I am Khaled Aboelwafa, Arabic language Tutor for non-natives. I am Egyptian and I teach Modern Standard Arabic, Spoken Arabic (Egyptian Dialects), Classical Arabic, Quran and Tajweed Rules. I have a wide experience of teaching all levels, ages and nationalities. My passion for Arabic language led me to be Professional Arabic language Tutor for non-natives. With me, you will enjoy leaning and practicing Arabic language, and you will know a lot about Arab customs and traditions and Arabic literature and culture. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and Islamic Studies from Dar Al-Uloom College, Cairo University where I studied Arabic language (Literature, Grammar, Literary Criticism, Literature History, Eloquence and Phonetics) and Islamic Studies (Quran, Sunnah, Hadeth, Islamic History, Aqida, Feqh, Shareaa, Quran Eloquence and Islamic Philosophy) I have a General Educational Diploma,Faculty of Education - Kafr El-Sheikh University. I have certificates in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from Cairo University and from "kalemh" Institute. I use different learning materials to make my lessons interesting and full of fun. I customize my teaching approach based on my student’s needs and goals. I seek to improve my student's confidence in using the language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) with a focus on everyday life situations. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me anytime. Have a great day and thanks for reading my profile!



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