What's a good way for a native English speaker to learn to hear and pronounce the differences between the emphatic and non-emphatic consonants?

Hello everyone I am Ahmed Mohy an Arabic Teacher and Polly ambassador Arabic listening techniques 1. Listen and read the script 2. Look for the context of the words and sentences 3. Look at the mouth of the speaker a. Emphatic letters usually have u open your mouth wider and come from the depth of the mouth b. Non- Emphatic letters usually put smile on the mouth of the speaker and they come from the tip of your mouth 4. The Strong VS week vowels 5. Strong ط VS week ت 6. Strong ض VS week د 7. Strong ص VS week س 8. Strong ق VS week ك 9. Strong ظ VS week ذ / ز Please feel free to ask more questions also you can book a lesson where I can explain that in way more details



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