Polly Lingual for Schools

Polly Lingual für Schulen

Manage your students, assign them lessons, and get teaching assistance from the Polly Ambassador video tutors.


Manage students accounts, assign lessons, and monitor progress


Algorithmic flashcard lessons allow students to learn efficiently at their own pace

Teaching Assistance

Polly Ambassadors are available for guest-speaker presentations, native conversation practice, exam proctoring, and more


Frequently Asked Questions

Häufig Gestellte Fragen

Is it free to sign up my school and students?

Yes, Polly Lingual provides access to the school management service free of charge, however student access to Polly Passport subscription materials and video sessions are sold separately. Please contact us to inquire about school rates for bulk Polly Passport subscriptions.

How can I set up a homeschool family as a school?

Yes, you can set up your homeschool family with our school management system. Please contact us to get information about family pricing.

Do you have a option for businesses or other institutions to access bulk discount rates?

Yes, we offer complete language training courses for businesses and other institutions. Please contact us to inquire about our program and instructor availabilities.

Does Polly Lingual work with Google Classroom?

Yes, Polly Lingual works with Google Classroom. Teachers can import their class rosters, then assign lessons from Polly Lingual to students as course work in Google Classroom. When students complete those lessons, their status is automatically synced with Google Classroom. This makes it super easy manage homework or other independent practice activities.

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