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Soy Pili, me encanta enseñar a los demás, enseño español e inglés, me apasiona conocer gente de otros países y conocer nuevas culturas, me considero una persona comprensiva, positiva, con mucha paciencia. Me suelo adaptar a las necesidades de mis alumnos. _________________________________________________________________________ I love teaching English and Spanish and I enjoy it to the fullest!! As well as I love meeting new people from other countries and learning from other cultures. I consider myself a kind, positive, encouraging person with a LOT of patience. I usually work with personalized lessons, I can adequate the lessons to your real need. ____________________________________________________________________ .My MOTTO: "Como todos los SOÑADORES confundí el DESENCANTO con la VERDAD" "Like all Dreamers I confuse Disenchantment with Truth" ___________________________________________ PHILOSOPHY : All the achievements in this world are made by people who had the courage not to listen to the crowd, but do what they felt it was right! Your TIME IS LIMITED, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.



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