Introduction: Fiona Henderson

My name is Fiona Henderson and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm a native Australian and a native English speaker. I'm also a qualified teacher. I've been teaching primary school-aged children for over 20 years and for 5 of those years I've taught English as a Second Language. Recently I decided that I only want to teach English as a Second Language so I'm hoping to move online so that I can teach students from all around the world. I do have a degree in primary school teaching, including linguistics and psychology. I've recently updated my qualifications to include a TESOL certificate. I have several specialisations that I can help you with, particularly academic English, grammar, and also conversational English. I really love teaching English. It's a very rewarding job and not just because I get to share my knowledge of my language, but also because I get to learn so much from my students. That connection between a student and teacher is the most important part of a teaching relationship. I hope to hear from you soon.


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