Introduction: Mathieu Chatelain

was born in France in 1984. I'm, of course, a native speaker. I graduated from a parisian business school in 2006. I then worked for 6 years as a Marketing and CRM expert in global companies in France. In 2012, i relocated to Shanghai in China for family reasons. For 5 years there, i was a french tutor, in french companies, language schools but mainly as a freelance private tutor. In august 2017, i will come back to where i belong, in France. I realized that teaching is actually what i like to do the most. I like to share what i know with others and i value knowledge. I taught more than 100 students, helped many of them to get certificates. I gave more than 3,500 hours of class. As for the languages, i speak english (as you can see here), some spanish and some chinese mandarin too. My interests are : history, philosophy, metapolitics, paranormal, wine and asian cuisine.



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