How do you say "have a good day" in Spanish?

Hello! My name is Alejandra, and the question I'm gonna answer today is: How do you say "have a good day" in Spanish? In Spanish, when we want to wish someone a good day, we say: "que tengas buen día" for the pronoun TÚ "que tenga buen día" for the pronoun USTED; or "que tengan buen día" for the pronoun USTEDES. Another way of saying it is "que tengas bonito día". Bonito means PRETTY, but when used in this context, it translates as NICE. That's why we say "está bonito el día" which means "it's nice outside." Generally speaking, we say "que tengas buen día" in any of its forms when we are saying goodbye to someone that we greeted briefly. For example, if we are the cashier at a store, or the receptionist at an office, after we provide someone a service, we say something like this: "¡Gracias por su compra, que tenga buen día!" (Thanks for your purchase, have a nice day!) or "Hasta luego, buen día." (See you later, good day.) It's usually the person behind the counter who wishes the other person a good day, and the usual response to this is "gracias, igualmente!" which means, "thank you, likewise!" When we want to wish a good day to our spouse, our mother, our roommate, or whomever is leaving our house to go somewhere, we usually say "que te vaya bien" which roughly translates to: "may things go well for you". But saying "que tengas buen día" is also okay. Okay, I hope this answers your question. Remember you can book private sessions with me to practice or perfect your Spanish. Que tengas bonito día!



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