Future Tense

El Tiempo Futuro

Introduction Introducción
The future tense is one of the easier conjugation forms to learn.

The vast majority of verbs are simply add the following suffixes:

~e - first- and third-person singular
~es - second-person singular
~emos - first-person plural
~éis - second-person plural
~en - third-person plural

Of course, there are a few exceptions like poder which means "I will be able to..."

The best way to translate verbs in the future tense to think of as adding will to the verb:
Le hablares?
You will talk to him?
Vocabulary Vocabulario
Play escribir
to write
Play entender
to understand
Play contar
to recount to tell to count
Play pedir
to ask for to order

Verb Conjugations

Conjugaciones verbales

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