How do you say "when are we going to eat" in Spanish? What about "when did you eat last"?

Hello Students This is Michelle and I am Spanish Teacher and today I am going to answer two questions, so the first question is: How do we say "when we are going to eat" in spanish. Well the way we say it is: " Cuando vamos a comer" This expression is just present, It is Simple Present and is an indication of an action so the key is that we need to conjugate the verb like we going to "vamos" and then the word "eat" "comer", and remember the word "when" always means "cuando". So how we answer that question, it will be like "in a minute" ("en un momento") "in a few hour" (en algunas horas). There is another way we can say that expression and it is "cuando iremos a comer" it is like simple future is not super frequently, but i will use that if for example i see one friend and it has been long time i don't see him, so we are doing like a plan... "Cuando iremos a comer" maybe next week so is just a future sentence. Then we have another question "when did you eat at last? That question is in past so we need to conjugate the verb in past basically in Spanish is "Cuando comiste por fin? o Por fin cuando comiste? You can say it in both ways but the key is the verb "comiste" in past. Well i hope you find helpful this video and if you have more questions, please book a class and if you just want to practice your spanish also you can book the class with me, i hope to see you soon, Thank you for watching the video, bye!!!



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