How long does it take to learn Spanish?

Hello! My name is Alejandra, and the question I'm gonna answer today is: How long does it take to learn Spanish? This depends on many factors: the person's ability to learn languages, the quality of the teachings, the time and energy invested for practice, whether or not you spend time in a Spanish-speaking country, whether or not your first language and Spanish come from the same language family, which, as we know, is not the case for English and Spanish, among other factors. For English speakers it could be a bit difficult to learn Spanish due in part to the conjugation of verbs, or the declensions used for nouns, pronouns, adjectives, articles, grammar structure, among other things that are very different in English. You also want to ask yourself HOW proficient you want to be in Spanish. Do you want to know the basics to survive abroad? Do you want to be able to read in Spanish? Do you want to be able to have a conversation with native speakers? Or do you want to be super fluent? Having said all this, I think, if you really apply yourself, one year would be a good answer. My suggestion is to: Take formal lessons, about 5 hours a week at least. Do your assignments with a dictionary, preferably a spanish to spanish dictionary, to get the gears in your brain working, which in turn will help you become better and better at understanding everything, and your intuition for Spanish will also develop. Watch TV and movies in spanish, with spanish captions. Read in Spanish and have a dictionary and a notepad next to you, so that you can write down the words you learn and study them later, so you can start using them in daily practice. Complete Polly Lingual lessons. Exhaust your resources. We have many nowadays. And finally, seriously consider spending at least a couple of months abroad, in México, or Spain, or any spanish speaking country of your choice, while continuing to take Spanish lessons during your stay. This is so that you can practice and perfect your Spanish in real life, while still working on the foundations. I hope this helped. Stay motivated, make learning fun, and you'll be proficient in no time. Remember you can book private sessions with me if you'd like. I'll be happy to be your teacher. Have a nice day!



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