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Create your own custom lesson by bookmarking words and phrases

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Please note that subscriptions automatically renew. Upon cancellation of your subscription, access to the premium lessons will terminate at the end of the current payment cycle. Returns and Refunds Policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions fréquentes

What is a Polly Passport?

The Polly Passport is a subscription to the premium lessons and advanced features on Polly Lingual.

With it students can access premium lessons for all languages and courses, as well as the bookmarked words feature, review list, and verb tenses (for supported languages). It also provides an advertisement-free experience.

How much does it cost?

The Polly Passport subscription is available at two different price tiers, $2.99 USD per month and $9.99 USD per year.

Both options are auto-renewing, and if cancelled will last until the end of the pay period.

Will advertisements be removed with the Passport?

Yes, students who subscribe to the Polly Passport enjoy an advertisement-free learning experience.

I have a Pangaea Passport. Is that the same as a Polly Passport?

Yes, when we combined Qué Onda Spanish, Très Bien French, Salaam Arabic, Molto Bene Italian, Wie Geht's German, Ma Kore Hebrew, and the other Pangaea Passport apps into Polly Lingual we also changed the name of the subscription. Your Pangaea Passport will work on Polly Lingual the same as with the previous apps.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We understand that sometimes students want to cancel their subscription or put it on hiatus. We make it easy to do this by providing the option in the Settings page for subscriptions purchased through the web and Android app.

If you've subscribed through an iOS in-app purchase, you can manage your subscription through the iTunes App Store.

Once a subscription is cancelled access will still be granted until the end of the pay period.

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