"Bonjour" means "hello", right? Why can't you say it at night?
Aurelie Therouanne
What's the difference between "Excuse-moi" and "Excusez-moi"?
Amanda Treutler
Qual é a diferença entre Excuse-moi e Excusez-moi?
Prof Renato
Introduction: Mathieu Chatelain
Mathieu Chatelain
Introduction: Marie
What's the difference between "Bonsoir" and "Bonne soirée" in French?
Ale Lorenzo
How do you say "I'm mad at you" in French?
Elise Nantois
What's the difference between "vous" and "tu"?
Aurelie Therouanne
Introduction: Prof Renato
Prof Renato
Introduction: Elise Nantois
Elise Nantois
How is the R sound in French pronounced?
Aurelie Therouanne
Does the word "salut" mean "hello" or "goodbye"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introducción: Jonathan Benchlouch
Jonathan Benchlouch
Introduction: Sarah Barkoczi
Sarah Barkoczi
What's the difference between "bonne nuit" and "bonne soirée"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Lucas Coffy
Lucas Coffy
"Je ne vais pas très bien." ¿"Ne" y "pas" siempre irán juntas?
Elise Nantois
Introduction: Aurelie Therouanne
Aurelie Therouanne
Em que situação devo usar o pronome "on"? Algum exemplo?
Prof Renato
Qué usos tiene el "on" en francés? Cómo se distingue de tu y vous?
Ale Lorenzo
When I listen to the pronunciation of the word 'oui' and it sounds like 'we'. I often hear on radio and in particular films what I assume means yes but sounds more like 'way'. Is there a difference?
Ale Lorenzo
What is Verlan French?
David B
What are the rules for using the imperative in French?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguson
Introduction: Jonathan Benchlouch
Jonathan Benchlouch
Introduction: Mathieu Reboul-Salze
Mathieu Reboul-Salze
What is "good morning" in French?
Elise Nantois
: Jonathan Benchlouch
Jonathan Benchlouch
Introduction: Charles Evenou
Charles Evenou
¿Cómo puedo aprender a hacer los sonidos nasales en francés?
Lucas Coffy
Introduction: Clare Scanlan
Clare Scanlan
Introduction: Glenn Emerson Maxwell
Glenn Emerson Maxwell
Introduction: Serena D McCulloch
Serena D McCulloch
Introduction: victor oriaku
victor oriaku
Introduction: Djeordjeta Draksin
Djeordjeta Draksin
Introducción: Fátima Flores
Fátima Flores
Introduction: Jelena Bjekovic
Jelena Bjekovic
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