What's the difference between "Excuse-moi" and "Excusez-moi"?
Amanda Treutler
"Bonjour" means "hello", right? Why can't you say it at night?
Aurelie Charlotte
Qual é a diferença entre Excuse-moi e Excusez-moi?
Prof Renato
What's the difference between "Bonsoir" and "Bonne soirée" in French?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Marie
Introduction: Mathieu Chatelain
Mathieu Chatelain
How do you say "I'm mad at you" in French?
Elise Nantois
The Presentation, La Presentacion, La Presentation, A Presentacao, La Presentazione & Presentationen
Prof Renato
What's the difference between "vous" and "tu"?
Aurelie Charlotte
Introducción: Méla DLT
Méla DLT
What is the difference between “Et toi” and “Et vous”?
Jonathan Benchlouch
Does the word "salut" mean "hello" or "goodbye"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Elise Nantois
Elise Nantois
How is the R sound in French pronounced?
Aurelie Charlotte
Introducción: Jonathan Benchlouch
Jonathan Benchlouch
What is Verlan French?
David B
Introduction: Sarah Barkoczi
Sarah Barkoczi
What's the difference between "bonne nuit" and "bonne soirée"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Lucas Coffy
Lucas Coffy
Welcome aboard!
Aurelie Charlotte
Em que situação devo usar o pronome "on"? Algum exemplo?
Prof Renato
Qué usos tiene el "on" en francés? Cómo se distingue de tu y vous?
Ale Lorenzo
"Je ne vais pas très bien." ¿"Ne" y "pas" siempre irán juntas?
Elise Nantois
What are the rules for using the imperative in French?
Ale Lorenzo
When I listen to the pronunciation of the word 'oui' and it sounds like 'we'. I often hear on radio and in particular films what I assume means yes but sounds more like 'way'. Is there a difference?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Jonathan Benchlouch
Jonathan Benchlouch
Introducción: Fátima Flores
Fátima Flores
: Jonathan Benchlouch
Jonathan Benchlouch
What is "good morning" in French?
Elise Nantois
With "il" and "ils", and "elle" and "elles", I can't hear the pronunciation difference. Are the plural versions even recognizable audibly?
Jonathan Benchlouch
Introduction: Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguson
Introduction: Mathieu Reboul-Salze
Mathieu Reboul-Salze
Introduction: Layla Jenn
Layla Jenn
¿Cómo puedo aprender a hacer los sonidos nasales en francés?
Lucas Coffy
Introduction: victor oriaku
victor oriaku
Introduction: Serena D McCulloch
Serena D McCulloch
Introduction: Jelena Bjekovic
Jelena Bjekovic
Introduction: Glenn Emerson Maxwell
Glenn Emerson Maxwell
Introduction: Clare Scanlan
Clare Scanlan
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