Introduction: Madeline Elsen

NOTE: If you want to book a lesson at any time that I'm not available, send me a message! I'm sure that we can figure something out or that I can pull a few strings with the time I have! :) Hi! My name is Madeline Elsen! I decided to apply to become a tutor because I've tutored quite a few kids before in these three languages (I do have to add that it was all face to face, and that I'm fairly new with the whole online teaching idea). I've loved languages ever since I was a little girl. Growing up in a very multicultural household, I had to adapt quickly, and was also able to find out that English is definitely my favorite language to converse it. I now live in the United States, and I love the people here and just living here. I'm a big fan of movies, books, and music, just anything that adds to my personal growth I'd say. I'd be honored to have a position with you guys and teach some amazing kids! Thanks!


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