-ar Verbs

Os Verbos de -ar



Also called 1st conjugation, -ar verbs are the easiest group to conjugate because of their high regularity.

They are the most common verb group within Portuguese. Generally, new words added to the language take this form.



Play pensar
to think
Play gostar
to enjoy to like
Play abandonar
to leave to abandon
Play achar
to think (of) to find
Play abaixar
to duck to stoop to lower
Play amar
to love
Play cantar
to sing
Play conversar
to converse, talk
Play falar
to talk to speak
Play trabalhar
to work
Play tomar
to take to drink
Play estudar
to go to school to study
Play andar
to ride to walk to go
Play viajar
to travel (to/by)

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