¿Cuál es la différencia entre "lastname" o "surname"?
Nayane Bremm
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre “Gute nacht”, “Guten abend” y “Gutenachmittag”?
Nayane Bremm
How do you pronounce an Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) in German?
Nayane Bremm
¿Debo usar "could" o "can" para hacer preguntas?
Nayane Bremm
Como se diferencia "sie" y "Sie" en la pronunciación?
Nayane Bremm
Why is German called "Deutsch" in German, while Dutch is called "Niederländer"? Why do some Romance languages seem to use a different root word, like "Alemán" in Spanish and "Allemand" in French?
Nayane Bremm
How do I know when to use Akkusativ and when to use Dativ? Is there a rule?
Nayane Bremm
What's the difference between "du" and "Sie"?
Nayane Bremm
How do I use the present continuous in German? For example, phrases like "I am studying German now" or "They are talking to me"
Nayane Bremm
What's the difference between "qué onda", "qué tal" and "qué pasa"? Don't they all means "what's up" in Spanish?
Nayane Bremm
What is the difference between the nominative personal pronoun and the personal pronoun? When do we use the personal pronoun?
Nayane Bremm
Introdução: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
Why does it seem like Portuguese uses definite articles more often than other languages like Spanish and English?
Nayane Bremm
What is the difference between "a" and "á" in Portuguese?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
What are some common social faux-pas that English speakers make in Spanish-speaking countries?
Nayane Bremm
Einführung: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre usar fine y good? Es válido decir: i'm good, we're good, it's fine?
Nayane Bremm
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la pronunciación de woman-women y man-men?
Nayane Bremm
What are some ways of saying “I'm hungry” and “I’m thirsty” in Spanish?
Nayane Bremm
O que sao os verbos modais em inglês? Por que eles sao diferentes dos outros verbos?
Nayane Bremm
What are some fruits and vegetables that have different names in different countries, like palta (Chile) vs aguacate (Mexico)?
Nayane Bremm
Why does the definite article "o" sometimes come before the "que"?
Nayane Bremm
How do you say "American", as in someone (or something) from the United States, in Spanish?
Nayane Bremm
¿Porqué el inglés no tiene equivalente a lo formal "Usted"?
Nayane Bremm
Quando uso -ies no fim do verbo em inglês e por que?
Nayane Bremm
Quando e mais comum usar o "be going to" ou o "will". Pode me dar alguns exemplos quando usar cada um e por que seria mais adequado em casa frase?
Nayane Bremm
Quando eu uso "may" expressando duvida? Pode me explicar quando uso "may" e nao posso usar "can" ao inves?
Nayane Bremm

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What are Polly Ambassadors?

Polly Ambassadors are language instructors available for live video sessions.

The only way to fluency is by interacting with native speakers. Polly Ambassadors offer that experience over the Internet.

Students can arrange for particular lessons with Ambassadors. Common topics include pronunciation, conversation practice, and local dialects.

How do I book a lesson with an Ambassador?

You can book a lesson with a Polly Ambassador by selecting hours on the calendar on to their profile. Once you've found a convenient date and time, click the "Purchase Sessions" button to enter your payment information.

Once you've completed your payment you'll receive an email receipt. The Ambassadors will also then be able to confirm the sessions.

Are video sessions listed in my time zone?

Video sessions are list in the time zone based on your computer's settings. To verify the time zone, the UTC offset if displayed in the upper-left corner of your calendar.

How do I get in touch with the Ambassador?

As a registered student you can send messages to all Ambassadors.

While not required, it is best to contact an Ambassador before beginning a video sessions to introduce yourself, discuss your needs, and make any additional arrangements, such as a reading list.

What happens if I miss a class?

The first you should do is contact the Ambassador to explain why you missed the video session.

Ambassadors are paid for video sessions you miss without notice. However, depending on the circumstances, such as unavoidable delays, they can chose the reschedule the video session.

Most Ambassadors understand the long-term nature of a student-teacher relationship and are willing to make accommodations for infrequent inconveniences.

How do I cancel a lesson?

You can cancel a video session anytime before the class begins. We suggest communicating with the Ambassador beforehand to avoid any confusion.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the session begins you will be given a 50% refund in the form of credit. Otherwise, you will be given a 100% refund credited to your account which can be used towards reserving a session with another Ambassador.

You might also consider "rescheduling" the session. This will grant you a voucher for another session (regardless of promotional pricing) with the Ambassador.

I had technical problems and missed a class, what should I do?

While our Ambassadors cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties on the part on students, most of them are understanding and dedicated to building a long term relationship with their students. If you missed a session due to technical malfunctions, the first thing you should do is contact your Ambassador and explain the situation.

To avoid having issues, review the technology requirements before purchasing a video session to ensure your set-up works properly with it. The basic requirements are 1) a webcam 2) broadband internet access and 3) a WebRTC-enabled web browser such as Chrome or Firefox (sorry, Safari isn't supported at this time) or the Polly Lingual app for iOS.

If the technical difficulties were due to malfunctions on the part of Polly Lingual - such as server errors - a refund will be issued.

How do I rate a lesson I’ve just had?

Once you've completed a lesson, you can leave feedback and rate it by going to your video session archive. Simply find the completed video session and let the Ambassador know how they did.

How does the Polly Ambassador video tutoring experience differ from other sites?

Within our video chat module we offer collaborative learning tools that allow students and Ambassadors to engage in ways not available with other sites.

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