Located in the south Pacific ocean (east of Australia and New Zealand and west of Fiji), Vanuatu is a small archipelago nation. First settled nearly 4000 years ago by Austronesian tribes, it later came under joint British-French control in the 1800s, which lasted until independence 1980.

The national language of Vanuatu, and it's most widely spoken, is Bislama, an English-based creole. It is co-official with English and French, which serve as the languages of education and government. There are also 113 indigenous languages spoken throughout the islands. This large linguistic diversity, especially within such a small population (~250,000), is why Bislama, an Oceanic grammar combined with English and French vocabulary, came to serve as the primary language of the country.
Population: 240,000
Languages: FrenchofficialEnglishofficial
Time Zone: UTC+11:00
Calling code: +678

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