Introduction: Alena Halavina

Hello. My name is Alena. I am a TESOL certified English tutor. I am fluent in English and have extensive experience in teaching. On my account, there are dozens of students who have achieved their goals in learning English. Learning a language is a way of exploring the world. I have learned two different languages myself so I know how challenging sometimes it might be. I strongly believe that in a modern world everyone should know at least one foreign language. It helps to break some barriers, get better job prospects, gain new knowledge and better understand the world in general. That is why I want to be a guide for my students in a new world of learning a language. It doesn’t matter how old you are and why you decided to learn English. Nowadays, knowledge is power. And systematic knowledge is a great success. I will help you to master the language at any level. In my work I apply different approaches - listening to audio recordings, reading and discussing books, playing games, watching and discussing films, talking in English. I have been teaching English since 2013 and I really enjoy it. From my experience I have discovered that the most effective method of learning a foreign language is learning through an individual approach to student’s own interests and goals. I work in the following areas: - General English course; - Spoken English; - English for moving abroad; - business course; - school program; - preparation for international examinations; At the heart of my approach, I use the training materials of British and American publishing houses, and based on them, I compile the program. I actively use audio and video materials, various games in my work. I work with both children and adults. I will be glad to see you on my lessons.


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