Numbers (100-1,000,000)

Zahlen (100-1,000,000)



Play hundert
one-hundred (100) one hundred (100)
Play hundertfünfzig
one hundred and fifty (150)
Play zweihundert
two hundred (200)
Play dreihundert
three hundred (300)
Play vierhundert
four hundred (400)
Play fünfhundert
five hundred (500)
Play sechshundert
six hundred (600)
Play siebenhundert
seven hundred (700)
Play achthundert
eight hundred (800)
Play neunhundert
nine hundred (900)
Play tausend
one thousand (1,000)
Play zweitausend
two thousand (2,000)
Play dreitausend
three thousand (3,000)
Play zehntausend
ten thousand (10,000)
Play hunderttausend
one hundred-thousand (100,000)
Play eine million
one million (1,000,000)

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