Simple Past Tense

Das Präteritum



Also know as the narrative past or imperfect, this tense describes past events that are interrelated within a timeframe that is not the present. Hence, being called the narrative past.

It is equivalent to saying in English "I went" (ich gehen) or "you spoke" (du sprechen).

However, unlike English, with the exception of the modal and auxiliary verbs, it is rarely used except in writing and formal occasions. Generally, the more norther the region of German-speaking Europe the more it is used.

The more common conversational past tense is the present perfect. This is used by combining the verbs haben or sein with the past participle.

For example, "I went" is more commonly said as Ich gegangen bin (I am gone) and "You spoke" as Du hast gesprochen (You have spoken).



Play sprechen
to speak
Play haben
to have
Play spielen
to act to play
Play denken
to think

Verb Conjugations

Verben konjugieren

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