Numbers (100-1,000,000)

Números (100-1,000,000)

Vocabulary Vocabulario
Play cien
one-hundred (100) one hundred (100)
Play ciento cincuenta
one hundred and fifty (150)
Play doscientos
two hundred (200)
Play trescientos
three hundred (300)
Play cuatrocientos
four hundred (400)
Play quinientos
five hundred (500)
Play seiscientos
six hundred (600)
Play setecientos
seven hundred (700)
Play ochocientos
eight hundred (800)
Play novecientos
nine hundred (900)
Play mil
one thousand (1,000)
Play dos mil
two thousand (2,000)
Play tres mil
three thousand (3,000)
Play diez mil
ten thousand (10,000)
Play cien mil
one hundred-thousand (100,000)
Play un millón
one million (1,000,000)
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