Numbers (20-100)

Números (20-100)

Vocabulary Vocabulario
Play cien
one-hundred (100) one hundred (100)
Play veinte
twenty (20)
Play veinte uno
twenty-one (21)
Play treinta
thirty (30)
Play treinta y dos
thirty-two (32)
Play cuarenta
forty (40)
Play cuarenta y tres
forty-three (43)
Play cincuenta
fifty (50)
Play cincuenta y cuatro
fifty-four (54)
Play sesenta
sixty (60)
Play sesenta y cinco
sixty-five (65)
Play setenta
seventy (70)
Play setenta y seis
seventy-six (76)
Play ochenta
eighty (80)
Play ochenta y siete
eighty-seven (87)
Play noventa
ninety (90)
Play noventa y ocho
ninety-eight (98)
Play ciento nueve
one-hundred-and-nine (109)
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