Mexican Slang


Introduction Introducción
You've studied Spanish for years in school and with apps like this one. So why can’t you understand your Mexican friend when he speaks Spanish? It’s likely that he - like many Mexicans - uses so much slang it almost sounds like yet another language to textbook-taught ears.

In this lesson we teach some of the most common Mexican slang words. Some are contractions of words you might already know (pa => para), some come from native languages (chamaco) and some are just used in different contexts (lana).

You can find more Mexican Slang words with our other app, Güey Spanish. Be warned though, they might not all be as abuela-friendly as these.
Vocabulary Vocabulario
Play chamba
job Mexico work Mexico
Play echar aguas
to help out Mexico
Play porfis
please Mexico please Mexico
Phrases Frases
Play ¡Órale mi'jo, tú puedes ganar este partido!
Alright sonny, you can win this game!
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