Locative Adverbs

Adverbios Locativos



Locative adverbs, also called Location Adverbs, are those words that describe a general locations, such as "here" or "there". In English you can modify them by adding the word "over" to indicate more distance, such as "over there". In Spanish this is by using different words ahí (there, near you) and allá (over there).



Play ahí
there near listener, far from speaker
Play allá
over there
Play allí
at that time then there there far
Play aquí
right here here
Play acá
over here here around here



Play Estoy aquí.
I'm here.
Play ¿Estás ahí?
Are you there?
Play Estamos aqui.
We are here.
Play Ella está allí.
She's there.
Play Están acá.
They are over here.
Play Están allá.
They're over there.

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