Introduction: Daniel González Álvarez

To whom it may concern, My name is Daniel González Álvarez. I graduated with a degree in Hispanic Philology Degree, I then went on to do a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as Second Language, both were completed at the University of Seville. Later I completed a second master’s degree in Secondary School Teaching, Vocational and Language Teaching at the University Pablo de Olavide. I heard about the Spanish Language Teacher offer, for which I am deeply interested in, as I believe I could be the right person for the role. I have been interested in teaching Spanish as a second language from the beginning of my educational background, and I focused my studies towards it from the start, and still continue to do so. I can share my knowledge about everything related to Spanish language, because of, alongside my degree and my masters, I have deeply studied its grammar, phonetic, phonology, lexical system, etc., in addition to the variety of Spanish dialects, from the Iberian Peninsula to America. Besides this, I have knowledge about Spanish and Latin American literature, including about its culture and history from Spain and Latin America. Furthermore, in my masters I studied how to create my own materials to teach Spanish in subjects like “Planning and Elaboration of Didactic Units in the E/LE Class” or “IT at ELE Class. Audio-Visual Media and Virtual Classroom”, “Teaching Spanish Language and Literature in Secondary School”, etc. Also, I’m accredited as an official examiner of the DELE Spanish exams, so I can properly prepare the students to pass these exams. I have a lot of experience teaching Spanish as second language to different kinds of students, as you can see in my CV. In some of those jobs I had to organize and develop lessons based on my own materials for a whole course, so I am experienced in that field of teaching Spanish too. Alongside my working experience, I worked with Erasmus students and North American university students for whom I had to develop courses, workshops and one-to-one classes at university level. Two years ago I taught Spanish to AS and A2 level students in Winchester as a Spanish Language Assistant. My job as a Spanish Language Assistant focused on the arrangement, structure and delivery of Spanish conversational classes with both AS Level and A2 Level students i.e., aged 15-18. Besides, I assisted the students and provided individual practice sessions in preparation for their exams. At the same time, I kept a record of the students' work and liaised with both the teachers and the Head of the Spanish Language Department with regards to the progress made by the students along with their areas which required improvement. Finally, I also accompanied teachers and students on study trips in England and Spain. Recently I finished a Master’s Degree in Secondary School Teaching in Seville which gave me the chance to work as a Spanish Language and Literature Teacher in a public Spanish Secondary School and, at the same time and since then, I have been working as a Spanish Teacher with students from different nationalities, ages and Spanish proficiency. My abilities to work individually or in groups, my seriousness and my intent to teach in an enjoyable and dynamic way, are the most suitable attributes that I could carry out in the position I am applying for. Lastly, I must say that I would really appreciate the opportunity to work as a Spanish Teacher because I desire to keep working as a Spanish Teacher abroad and I think it would be a great opportunity to continue growing professionally in my field of expertise. I hope my profile fits for your requirements, and I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Daniel González Álvarez



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