-ar Verbs

Los Verbos de -ar



Also called 1st conjugation, -ar verbs are the easiest group to conjugate because of their regularity.

They are the most common verb group within Spanish. Generally, new words added to the Spanish take this form. Twittear is a recent example that means "to tweet".



Play hablar
to talk to speak
Play trabajar
to work
Play viajar
to travel
Play acabar
to conclude to complete to finish
Play ayudar
to help
Play usar
to use
Play amar
to love
Play pagar
to pay
Play bailar
to dance
Play bajar
to download to lower to come down to descend
Play llamar
to be named to call
Play tomar
to take to drink
Play llegar
to arrive
Play estudiar
to study
Play cambiar
to move to switch to change
Play contar
to recount to tell to count

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