Introduction: Christine Hargan

Become bi-lingual with me. Hello name Christine, I'm semi - retired and come from the east of England very green fields woodland - and er rain - we have a lot of rain. I have a degree in psychology and a TEFL teaching qualification. I have experience teaching children and adults at various levels some are senior managers who work internationally, some work locally, others are now in UK, others at school/college/uni English is the language of negotiation it’s more than putting a few words together, it's about intonation, when to speak slowly, when to speak fast, when to pause, it can be fun, complex, or simple, depending on the context. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry I’ll help with all that. The important thing is to enjoy the learning process with a tutor who will support you, if you can laugh whilst learning that’s great. Where will your English take you? Do tell? Thanks for watching my introduction and i will look forward to speaking to you soon.



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