Introduction: Goldelynne Go

Hello My name is Lynne and I am here to teach you English. I have been teaching English for more than 12 years, both to kids and adults. I am patient, kind and jovial in my style of teaching. I want my students to learn with a happy and engaging environment. A question I am always asked by students is: How to I improve my English skills? There are many factors that leads to a successful learning. First, is the willingness of the student to be corrected. In my classes, I correct the mistakes as it happens. This would mean that I might correct your words/ or sentences after you talk or just before the lesson finishes. Second would be the willingness of the student to speak his mind, even if he or she makes mistakes. In doing so, this allows the student to build his or her confidence. Third is to keep on exposing yourself to English - whether reading books, watching the news or tv, singing songs, and speaking to someone who is a native speaker. It does not matter. Keep exposing yourself to the language as much as you can, everyday, if possible I also teach kids. In my classes with children, I incorporate songs and stories. I also have toys for children to feel comfortable. I hope to see you in my classes.



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