About how long does it take to learn the basics of Spanish?

Hola querido estudiante This depends on you how you involve the language in your normal life, programs try to search in Spanish for the things you like, you will meet the language better this will affect you in more advanced levels in a positive way, use what you have around you , recognize objectives learned in your home, recognize how it is in Spanish and its male or female gender, make a list of the vocabulary if you use the colors, use them to differentiate them, you do not need to know everything, use you know it, try it, look for examples of the topics that are difficult for you, enjoy every step of the language take less than two month even less than you think Esto depende de ti como involucras el idioma en tu vida normal , programas trata de buscar en español de las cosas que te gustan , vas a conocer mejor el idioma esto te afectara en niveles mas avanzados de manera positiva, usa lo que tienes en tu alrededor , reconoce objetivos aprendidos en tu casa reconoce como es en español y su genero masculino o femenino, haz una lista del vocabulario si te gustan los colores úsalos para diferenciarlos , no necesitas saber todo usa lo sabes , inténtalo busca ejemplos de los temas que sean difíciles para ti , disfruta cada paso del idioma.



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