Introduction: jonathan phoenix

Hello everyone, my name's Jonathan, I'm 35 and i'm from England. I've got 9 years teaching experience: I've taught for Berlitz, Wall street Institute and most recently Cambly, online as a Super-Tutor. I'm interested in many topics so our conversation classes will always be very interesting, I will always correct you and I want to make sure that you are improving with every lesson and I will monitor your progress and we can achieve your learning goals together. I also specialise in Business English, i've taught in many companies and have a strong business background with 2 years at Facebook. I can help you with Digital Marketing and any form of marketing terminology . I've also helped over 200 students pass their IELTS exam- which I am very proud of. I love teaching and love to see my students progress so when they pass the IELTS its wonderful! As I said, I am interested in many topics but would love to hear about your interests and culture. If I can help, send me a message and I will create a tailored/customised plan to suit your needs. Thank you



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