Introduction: Julia Hues

I’ve spent the past year working and living in Southeast Asia as an English teacher at a private boys school. Before moving to Asia, I studied for my bachelor’s degree while working as a trainer at the retail Apple Store full-time for 5 years. I graduated with a 3.95 GPA of 4.0 scale. I became a TEFL certified in Thailand in 2015. I have a serious aptitude for understanding cross-cultural relationships and being multi- lingual. I am fluent in English and Advanced in my Spanish and Thai speaking, reading and writing skills. While I have traveled I have also learned more than basic knowledge in Swahili, Vietnamese, Hebrew (writing included) Portuguese and French. I always make sure to immerse myself in the vulture and practices of countries I go and cultures I interact with. I’ve also have lived with a Chinese foreign teacher while working in Thailand. During my time in Asia I have developed more passion to learn more and continue to live in Southeast Asia and invest my time in the future generations here. I know I will be a great asset to the PollyLingual team. Looking forward to talking with you soon!!!!!!



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