Introduction: Petar Markovic

Hi and greetings to all of you! My name is Petar Marković and I’m a 23-year-old student from Berlin, currently styding electrical engineering at the technical university of Berlin. I moved to Berlin from my home town in Belgrade, Serbia to live on my own at the age of 17. I have a superb knowledge of English language since as I’ve had private English lessons for 14 years, which makes my English extremely native like, with very vague hints of an accent. In addition to that I own two language certificates: FCE and CAE both done by Cambridge system as well as TEFL teaching certificate. I have also been a water-polo player for 17 years, playing on the highest professional level with different teams as well as with a national team of my country. Since my arrival to Germany, I have finished their high school with the avg. note of 1.7 and have since started studying, which I’m still doing at the moment. In my opinion, all the aforementioned things make me an extremely valuable addition to your teachers’ palette, because I have a vast experience in making conversation in English language with people from all over the world, be it through my sports carrier or through my general day to day life here in Berlin, seeing how Berlin is a true multi-cultural symbol of Europe. Furthermore, I’m very young with many various interest, such as music, movies, literature, theater, languages in general and have traveled all over the world. I’m also very communicative and open, which makes me feel positive that I can make learning English extremely interesting for my students, as well as passing them on a 100 percent grammatically correct knowledge. In addition to English, I also speak German very fluently and have the basic knowledge of Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. I’m very keen on working as a English tutor, because I want to pass on my English language skills in a meaningful and high quality way. What’s more, I enjoy working with kids and have experience in working with them, since I used to work as an Au-Pair in Berlin, taking care of three little girls aged 10, 6 and 2. My workhours are very flexible, as I can and am structuring my lecture plan according to my job. So that would be all for now, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information about me, my lifestyle or my education. I wish you all a pleasant day and best wishes, Petar Marković



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