Located in western Europe, France has a population of about 67,000,000 million people. French is spoken by the vast majority of the population and is the only official language of France according to the French Constitution.

Several other languages are spoken however, mostly in border areas, including Occitan/Catalan, Basque, Corsican, and dialects of Dutch and German.
Population: 67,000,000
Languages: Frenchofficial
Time Zone: UTC+01:00 (DST UTC+02:00)
Calling code: +33

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Countries where French is spoken

Pays dans lesquels le français est parlé

Dependent territories where French is spoken

Dépendances territoriales où le français est parlé

States where French is a predominant language

États où le français est une langue prédominante

Provinces that speak French

Provinces où l'on parle français

Transnational organizations where French is an official language

Organisations internationales pour lesquelles le français est une langue officielle

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