Where is French spoken?

Où les gens parlent français ?

French has about 360,000,000 million native speakers worldwide.

It is an official language in 28 countries and is one of the most studied second-languages in the world. Estimates vary widely on how many total native and secondary speakers there are in the world, but it is generally in range of 270 - 370 million.

There are also several dialects and French-based creole languages, such as that of Haiti. Due to its continuing popularity in Francophone Africa, it is one of the fastest growing languages in the world.

Countries where French is spoken

Pays dans lesquels le français est parlé

Dependent territories where French is spoken

Dépendances territoriales où le français est parlé

States where French is a predominant language

États où le français est une langue prédominante

Provinces that speak French

Provinces où l'on parle français

Transnational organizations where French is an official language

Organisations internationales pour lesquelles le français est une langue officielle

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