Where is Italian spoken?

Dove è parlato l'italiano?

Italian has about 360,000,000 million native speakers worldwide.

Besides Italy, it is also spoken in the city-states of the Vatican and San Marino, and in large parts of Switzerland.

There are many regional dialects of Italian. Some, like those of Sardinia and Sicily, are more different from Standard Italian than others. The language of Malta, an island country to the south of Sicily, is a considered a mixture of Italian and Arabic with more recent English influence.

While Italian never took hold in the few colonies Italy had, there are immigrant communities of Italian speakers in many countries throughout the world including the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil among others.

Countries where Italian is spoken

Peasi dove l'italiano è parlato

Transnational organizations where Italian is an official language

Organizzazioni transnazionali dove l'italiano è la lingua ufficiale

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