Conjugation Trainer

Trainer di coniugazione

Choose a verb list and tense below. If you need help, check out the verb conjugations section.

What are verb conjugations?

Quali sono le coniugazioni dei verbi?

Verb conjugations are the various forms that verbs take based on who (or what) performs the action of a clause and when.

Compared to other languages like English, Italian has a high number of verb conjugation forms. If you don't know the subject pronouns yet, it is best to learn those first to understand what is meant by first-, second- and third-person.

Moods and Tenses

Modi e tempi

Mood refers to whether the expression of the action is intended to be factual (indicative), desired or conceptual (subjunctive), mandated (imperative) or used as another sort of modifier.

Tense describes when the temporal aspects of the action such occurs whether it takes place in the past, present or future.

Prototype Verbs

Verbi prototipo

Play parlare
to talk to speak
Play dormire
to sleep
Play andare
to work to move to go
Play vivere
to live
Play capire
to comprehend to understand
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