Future Tense

Il Tempo Futuro



The future tense is one of the easier conjugation forms to learn. However, it is also one of the least used tenses, especially in Southern Italy.

To talk about immediate future events, the present tense is generally used. For other future events, it is more common to combine andare with another verb, which is equivalent to saying "going to".

To conjugate -are and -ere verbs verbs in the future tense, simply add the following suffixes:

-erò - first-person singular
-erai - second-person singular
-erà - third-person singular
-eremo - first-person plural
-erete - second-person plural
-eranno - third-person plural

For -ire verbs are similar, but change the first "er" to stay "ire" like the infinitive.

The best way to translate verbs in the future tense to think of as adding will to the verb:
Parlerai con lui?
You will talk with him?



Play parlare
to talk to speak
Play dormire
to sleep
Play andare
to work to move to go
Play vivere
to live

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