-are Verbs

I Verbi di -are



Italian -are verbs (also called 1st conjugation verbs) are called such because their infinitive forms end in -are and because they conjugation the most regularly of all verbs.



Play parlare
to talk to speak
Play arrivare
to arrive
Play lavorare
to work
Play pensare
to believe to imagine to think
Play guardare
to watch to look
Play tornare
to work out, turn out to return, go back
Play aspettare
to expect to wait for
Play cominciare
to set about to start
Play abitare
to inhabit to live in, dwell in
Play ricordare
to look like to remind to recall to remember
Play camminare
to go, work to walk
Play cucinare
to cook
Play mandare
to order to send
Play nuotare
to float to swim
Play domandare
to ask to inquire
Play portare
to wear to take to carry to lead to bring
Play imparare
to learn

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