Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, though it is spoken with considerable differences from its European form. For instance, the second-person pronoun singular você is used only for formal address in Portugal, while in Brazil it used primary nearly universally, for both formal and informal contexts.

Due to immigration, throughout most of the 20th century there were also sizable populations of German and Italian speakers. Though nowadays the number of people who speak these as a primary language has diminished significantly, German still retains municipal status in certain towns in the South.

There are also over 100 Amerindian languages in Brazil, including Baniwa, Tucano and Guaraní. Often times these are spoken alongside or mixed with Portuguese, but in the most remote parts of the Amazon there are still tribes without any knowledge of Portuguese.
Population: 210,000,000
Languages: GuaraniPortugueseofficial
Time Zone: UTC-05:00 to -02:00 (DST UTC-05:00 to -02:00)
Calling code: +55

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