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The official languages of Macau are Portuguese and Cantonese, but English, Mandarin and Hokkien (another Chinese dialect) are also spoken by local communities.

The Macanese Portuguese (a dialect of Portuguese) is the first language of roughly 3% of the population and although it has been influenced by the languages of the region, it’s not too dissimilar from the European Portuguese.

The Macanese Patois, a creole language based on Portuguese, is spoken by the Macanese people, an ethnic group with Portuguese and Chinese origins. This language has been influenced by Malay and Sinhalese, but also by the English, Thai and Japanese languages.
Population: 583,000
Languages: ChinesePortugueseofficial
Time Zone: UTC+08:00
Calling code: +853
Currency: Macanese pataca

Polly Ambassadors from Macau

Ambassadeurs Polly de Macao


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