Welcome aboard!

Hello! I'm Aurélie, a Frenchie who lives currently in Spain. It's been two years since I moved in the beautiful and colorful Granada, one of the best city of Andalusia, south of Spain. But before that, I spent 3 years abroad in New Zealand and Australia. I went there directly after graduating (I've got 2 diplomas: one in French Literature and the other one in communication). During my travels, up until today, I used to teach mainly French, English and Spanish to the ones in need, children and adults, no matter what's their level. I truly enjoy giving private lessons because it's always rewarding for the student but also for the teacher :) And because learning a language should be nice, relax and fun, it is the way I do it. First, I focus on the speaking. It's the most important part to start with. Are you afraid of making a few (or a lot of) mistakes? Don't be! You learn by your mistakes, they are actually crucial in the learning process. Second, you tell me about you, your hobbies, interests, things you do, what you like... And let me tailor the courses to you! I'm a very patient, friendly and open minded person. I believe everybody has something to teach and something to learn. To make it short, I'm sure we will get along and give you the confidence you need to boost your knowledge. Welcome to my class!



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