Pronouns act as substitutes for nouns (or noun phrases) already understood by the context of the conversation. Like nouns they can serve as the subject of a clause or the object of a verb or preposition. In English words like "I", "him" and "hers" are some examples.



Play tu
you informal nominative personal
Play lei
she conversational nominative personal her disjunctive personal
Play noi
we nominative personal us disjunctive personal
Play lui
he conversational nominative personal him disjunctive personal
Play voi
you all informal nominative personal you all informal disjunctive personal
Play Lei
you formal nominative personal you formal disjunctive personal
Play loro
them dative personal them disjunctive personal they nominative personal theirs possessive you alls formal possessive
Play egli
he literary nominative personal
Play Voi
you all formal disjunctive personal you all formal nominative personal
Play esse
they feminine nominative personal
Play ella
she literary nominative personal
Play la
her accusative personal it feminine accusative personal her accusative with dative personal it feminine accusative with dative personal
Play le
them feminine accusative personal them feminine accusative with dative personal her dative personal it feminine dative personal
Play lo
him accusative personal it masculine accusative personal
Play gli
him dative personal it masculine dative personal
Play tutto
everything all
Play mie
mine possessive
Play mio
mine possessive
Play tuo
yours possessive
Play Le
you all feminine formal accusative personal you formal dative personal
Play sua
his possessive hers feminine singular possessive yours formal possessive
Play suo
his possessive hers masculine singular possessive yours formal possessive
Play quanto
how many masculine singular interrogative
Play mi
me accusative personal me dative personal
Play mia
mine possessive
Play che
what interrogative
Play La
you singular formal accusative personal
Play si
himself accusative personal herself accusative personal itself accusative personal themselves accusative personal himself dative personal herself dative personal itself dative personal themselves dative personal
Play tuoi
yours possessive
Play ci
us accusative personal us dative personal
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