Landlocked between Belgium, Germany, and France, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, as well as the world's last remaining grand duchy. Its history dates backs to it founding as a Roman fortress.

Because of its recent history of neutrality and occupation, Luxembourg remains very cosmopolitan and was one of the first six to join the European Coal and Steel Community, from which came the European Union.

The three official languages are French, German and Luxembourgish, a regional language spoken in neighboring areas of Belgium, France and Germany as well. Most of the population speaks all three languages, as well as English to a lesser degree.

The economy of Luxembourg is largely based on banking as well as a highly sophisticate industrial sector.
Population: 500,000
Languages: FrenchofficialGermanofficial
Time Zone: UTC+01:00 (DST UTC+02:00)
Calling code: +352

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