What's the difference between "esse/essa" and "aquele/aquela"?

Welcome! My name is prof. Renato and today I want to answer the question:"What is the difference between ESSE/ESSA and AQUELE/AQUELA?". Esse/Essa and Aquele?Aquela is, what we call in grammar, demonstrative pronouns that are words that show around the objects mostly that we use, as for example: O LAPIZEIRO / A GARRAFA. If I want to talk about these objects and point at them I will say: ESSE LAPIZEIRO / ESSA GARRAFA. If they are far away I will say: AQUELE LAPIZEIRO or AQUELA GARRAFA. So this can also be possible for plurals: ESSES LAPIZEIROS / AQUELES LAPIZEIROS and if I had two bottles: ESSAS GARRAFAS / AQUELAS GARRAFAS. The translation in English would be: THIS PEN/THIS BOTTLE and THAT PEN/THAT BOTTLE and in the plural: THESE PENS/THESE BOTTLES and THOSE PENS/THOSE BOTTLES. Eu penso que e' tudo por hoje, I think this is all for now and I also want to tell you that if you want to have classes with me you just need to book on Polly Lingual and that is possible by finding my calendar and clicking on it. If this is not the case that you can not find any available classes you are very welcome to send a message to me and I will see what we can do together. Thank you very much and see you next time. Thank you!



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