Introduction: Camila Araujo

Hi everyone! My name is Camila, I currently live in Sacramento, California, but I moved here from Los Angeles - Where I attended USC for my Mater's in Urban planning. I am also born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil. I am a self-taught English speaker and native Portuguese speaker. Even tough english is only my second language, I taught myself how to think in English instead of translating between the two different languages. Because I am a self-taught speaker, I learned conversational English before I learned academic English - which I had to learn for school. Talking about conversation... OMG! I love meeting new people and talking to them about their culture, the place they live, books they like, movies they're watching, and especially their goal about learning Portuguese or English - which I can help you with! Contact me, let's chat about it and let's tailor the lessons to YOU. Bye!



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