Introduction: Ellen Barreiros
Ellen Barreiros
Introduction: Laura Barros
Laura Barros
Introduction: Angelo Menezes
Angelo Menezes
What's the difference between "esse/essa" and "aquele/aquela"?
Prof Renato
Introduction: Camila Araujo
Camila Araujo
Introduction: Bheto Rego
Bheto Rego
What's the difference between "você" and "tu"?
Guilherme Ribeiro
What's the difference between "ser" and "estar" in Portuguese?
Prof Renato
Introduction: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
Why does it seem like Portuguese uses definite articles more often than other languages like Spanish and English?
Nayane Bremm
What is the difference between "a" and "á" in Portuguese?
Nayane Bremm
Einführung: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Angelo Menezes
Angelo Menezes
Introdução: Debora
Introduction: Laís Viana
Laís Viana
Introduction: Ana Julia Martins
Ana Julia Martins
Introduction: Mabel Ruby Groenendijk
Mabel Ruby Groenendijk
Introduction: Angelica Brasil
Angelica Brasil
Introdução: Claudilaine Pires Rodrigues
Claudilaine Pires Rodrigues
Introduction: Ludmila B.
Ludmila B.
Introduction: Bianca Souza
Bianca Souza
Introduction: Daniel Delgado-Cruz
Daniel Delgado-Cruz
Introduction: Ingrid Song
Ingrid Song
Introduction: Joao
Introduction: Patrícia Queiroz
Patrícia Queiroz
Why does the definite article "o" sometimes come before the "que"?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Claudia Hernandes
Claudia Hernandes
Introduction: Matheus Bueno
Matheus Bueno
What's the difference between "ser" and "estar" in Portuguese?
Ludmila B.
Introduction: Lúcio Júnio
Lúcio Júnio
Introduction: Caio Silva
Caio Silva
Introduction: Guilherme Ribeiro
Guilherme Ribeiro
Introduction: Jelena Bjekovic
Jelena Bjekovic
Introduction: Matheus Costa
Matheus Costa
Introduction: Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva
Introduction: Adriane Pinheiro
Adriane Pinheiro
Introduction: Vanessa
Introduction: Ben Correa
Ben Correa
Introduction: Gutemberg Leonel
Gutemberg Leonel
Introduction: Noelli Lemes Garcia
Noelli Lemes Garcia
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