Simple Introduction of Counting in Chinese

I'm a native Mandarin Chinese speaker from Taiwan. I've been a Chinese tutor for 9 years. I teach face to face or on line. I am passionate about teaching Chinese and I am also passionate about learning other languages. I also speak English and French. I speak English fluently and I speak French at upper intermediate level. I am learning Italian and Spanish. I am a fun and patient tutor. I will get you speaking in Chinese in no time. Sincerely, Chumei 你好, 我已经做了九年的中文家教。我很喜欢教中文。我的英文算是流利。我也会说法文。如果你是认真要学中文,我很乐意教你中文听说读写。我可以教繁体和简体中文。谢谢。


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