Middle Consonants

وسط الحروف الساكنة

Introduction مُقَدِّمَة
Letters in the medial form open to the left and right connect with other letters on both sides.

Six letters (ا (alif), د (daal), ذ (dhaal), ر (raa), ز (zayn / zaa), and و (waaw)) do not have medial forms. These are called selfish letters and use either the isolated or final form given their position.
Letters الاحرف
Play ـبـ
b medial medial
Play ـتـ
t medial medial
Play ـثـ
th medial medial
Play ـجـ
j medial medial ǧ medial medial g medial medial
Play ـحـ
h medial medial
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