Introduction: Jesús Horacio Báez Ávila

Are you forgetting your Spanish? Do you want to learn more about Mexican culture? I focus on helping you practice what you need. This approach will help you review your Spanish faster and cultivate an interest in Latin American culture. Be part of a solid conversational class right from the comfort of your home or office! - No stress - Easy to schedule - All ages - Ideal for busy people Frequently asked questions What will you learn? You will practice your spoken Spanish with a Mexican language teacher. You will pick up words and expressions that are unique to Mexican and Latin American Spanish. You will also be discussing the culture and traditions of Mexico, e.g. Día de Muertos. Who should take the lessons? The lessons have been designed for anyone who is interested in Mexican culture and wants to keep on practicing the Spanish they have learned. This description might fit businessmen who are traveling to Mexico soon or college students. How often are lessons? It's all up to you! We can have a structured schedule or just set up lessons when necessary. That is, you can have weekly lessons or meet me three times a week or every day.



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