Definite Articles

Articoli Determinativi

Introduction Introduzione
Definite articles are words that specify a particular and identifiable noun. In English we use the word “the” for this purpose. In Italian, there are various words that can translate as “the” based on the gender and plurality of the noun as well as its surrounding sounds.
Play il
Play l'
the before vowel
Play lo
the before /z/ or /s/ + consonant
Play la
Play i
Play gli
the before vowel, or /z/ or /s/ + consonant
Play le
Phrases Proposizioni
Play il ragazzo
the boy
Play i ragazzi
the boys
Play la ragazza
the girl
Play le ragazze
the girls
Play l'uomo
the man
Play gli uomini
the men
Play la donna
the woman
Play le donne
the women
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